We are based at Perth College and our training sessions are; Tuesday 18:45-20:15, Thursday 18:45-20:15 and Saturday 9:00-10:30. As a Masters club, we have members swimming for fitness to experienced swimmers who race in the pool and open water. We swim all strokes, however, the majority of our main sets are freestyle. We are open to a wide variety of abilities and speed however it is a club training session whereby each lane follows a program set by one of our volunteer coaches. We have club equipment (pull buoys, boards and fins) available and there is no pool entry cost at Perth College.

If you are interested in swimming with us, send us a message via our ‘Contact Us‘ page.

Guidelines for Coaches and Swimmers

Lane 1: Use “rest Intervals” of around 15 seconds per 50m. Only put in distances over 200m occasionally. Total Session distance roughly 2.5-3.0km

Lane 2-3: Use cycles of 65 seconds per 50m, occasionally going to 60 secs/50m, and out to +70sec/50m for sprint training. Total Session distance roughly 3.0-3.5km

Lane 4-6: Use cycles of 50-60 seconds per 50m, occasionally going to 45 secs/50m, more time for sprint training as required. Total Session distance roughly 3.5-4.0km

Lane 7-8: Use cycles of 40-45 seconds per 50m. Total Session distance roughly 4.0-4.5km

Combining Lanes: If combining lanes, the rest cycle MUST match the requirements of the slowest lane.

Coaches will always adjust the sessions to match the swimmers, and no swimmer will be left behind. As we usually have eight lanes available we can accommodate a wide variety of abilities.9